What if I don't know whether I'm able to sell or rent my property?

We can run numbers both ways for rental and resale to give you an idea of your different options.  You can then choose to rent, sell or even both, in turn going with whichever one comes first.

Can I do a For Sale By Owner and if I don't get a buyer contract, have it for rent with JKGPM?

Yes, you can list the home For Sale By Owner, or even with another brokerage and we can help with the property management side of things.

Where do I pay my rent?

Once a lease is signed, you will receive a tenant portal login, which will allow you to pay your rent online.  You may also drop it off at our office location as well.

What do I do if I'm have a maintenance emergency?

Please contact your property manager directly and call the office at 757-806-6889 to leave a detailed message with the nature of your emergency.

How would I submit a normal repair/maintenance request?

Please consult your Tenant Handbook to determine if initial trouble shooting has been performed when applicable.  The next step would be to submit the maint. request online through your tenant portal. You may then also contact your property manger directly.

Do you all manage short term rentals, such as Air BandB or VRBOs?

Yes!  We handle the very beginning phases of everything that setting up a unit from scratch would entail.  Once the unit is up and running, we handle all of the marketing, screening, guest communications, check-ins/checkout, and required cleanings.